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Co-creating a safe place for women & girls to rise to their full potential.

Who we are at SSWC: The Team

Our Mission Statement

Second Story Women's Centre works to enhance women's lives by providing services and education designed to promote personal growth, community awareness, and social change.

We work towards equality and respect within a women-centred environment and support women's rights to make their own decisions.

Our Philosophy

Feminists: A feminist believes in the social equality of the sexes. Feminism is a political, social, and cultural movement dedicated to promoting equal rights for women in all aspects of life. Feminism is not a single ideology, but rather is characterized by a diverse set of perspectives and movements dedicated to promoting women's rights.

Pro-choice: We accept the political and ethical view that a woman has total control over her fertility and pregnancy. This includes access to accurate sexual education, access to safe and legal abortion, support and resources for continuing pregnancies, contraceptive and fertility treatments; and legal protection from forced abortion.

Inclusive: We do not treat others unfairly or differently on account of age; race; colour; religion; creed; sex; sexual orientation; physical disability or mental disability; ethnic, national or aboriginal status; family status; marital status; source of income; political belief/affiliation/activity; an irrational fear of contracting an illness or disease; or an individual's association with another individual/class of individuals having characteristics referred to above.

Accepting: We recognize it is not possible to fully understand the life of another individual. We realize not all people live the same lifestyle or make the same choices as we do and we do not judge people for these differences.

Individuals who Possess Ethical / Moral Decision Making Skills: Adherence to all signed agreements is mandatory and we are mindful of any situation that may cause an ethical dilemma. It is wise to approach a colleague or the Administrative Coordinator for guidance when faced with an ethical decision.

Linda Zinowki, Nova Scotia Women's Centre Linda Zinowki is the Centre's Administrative Assistant. Her role at the centre includes being the first point of contact for visitors and messages, maintaining the databases and resources of Second Story and providing administrative support to the Coordinators.

Her background is in health care, operating a community-based small business and many volunteer experiences. She is enjoying the opportunity to make every visitor to the Centre feel welcome and special, while supporting the good work of Second Story Women's Centre.
Sally Hutchinson, Lunenburg Women's Centre Sally Hutchinson is our Support Coordinator. She meets women who call or drop into the Centre in need of information, referrals or support. She facilitates core programming within the Centre as well as off site Personal Development and Pre-employment programs partnering with Department of Community Services.

Sally is certified in Reality Therapy/Choice Theory. She has experience in the field of addictions, facilitating education groups and a weekly support group for families affected by the addiction of another. Her passion lies in working with women to uncover their creativity and focus on their strengths to realize their full potential.

Sally has created and delivers workshops titled Colouring Outside the Lines for any woman who is interested in accessing their creativity through fun, exploration and play. She is the face behind the faces of Rumplestiltskins - one-of-a-kind characters made in leather.
Elisabeth Bailey, Second Story Women's Centre Elisabeth Bailey is the Centre's Community Relations Coordinator. Her role includes coordinating the participation of volunteers, organizing events, enhancing public awareness of the Centre, and building cooperative relationships with other community organizations. She also contributes to the Centre's core programming.

Elisabeth brings many strengths to this position from her history as a community organizer, educator, and professional writer. Elisabeth is passionate about building just, sustainable community through her work at the Centre. She is also a local food writer with several published recipe books, so drop by and ask her what's cooking!
Jeanne Fay nova scotia womens support Jeanne Fay holds the position of Executive Co-ordinator. She oversees the administrative activities of Second Story, ensures that the mission statement, philosophy and mandate of the organization are met, and plays an active role in our community development and social advocacy initiatives, locally, provincially and federally.

Jeanne brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Second Story. She was a welfare rights/anti-poverty activist for many years in the United States and at Dalhousie Legal Aid Services in Halifax, where she advocated for, and organized, single mothers and persons with disabilities on income assistance and residents of public housing.

She served on the boards of Second Story and Harbour House. She's committed to creating spaces for women to become strong and empowered in the struggle for equality and social justice.
Marilyn Zinowki Nova Scotia women's support Marilyn Zinowki holds the position of Financial Services Co-ordinator for SSWC. Marilyn is a relative newcomer to Lunenburg, having moved here from Montreal. Her education is in business and finance and she has worked in the field of accounting for many years as well as operating a busy pet-and-house-sitting business.

Marilyn's passion for helping women reach their potential has been fueled by her experience organizing running workshops for women and witnessing them achieve personal goals. Her motivation to provide ethical and effective management means that budgets are maintained and that funding is properly allocated and recorded.

Our Board of Directors

  • Lindsay Cary, Chair
  • Ashton Pettigrew-Rodenhiser, Vice-Chair
  • Christine Pottie, Secretary
  • Wendy Rockwell, Finance Officer
  • Chloe Anderson
  • Nicole Hubley
  • Charity Fraser

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